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Jack and Jill Professional Dog Training: Providing virtual training for dogs and guardians worldwide

Is Life With Your Dog a Struggle?

Did you always dream of bringing your best friend with you everywhere, but can’t because of their behavior, reactivity, or anxiety? We know how defeating it can be when hopes for life with your dog don’t pan out – we’ve been there! We’re here to relieve your worries and help with your dog behavior needs, all from the comfort of your home. 

We’ll help you and your dog to understand each other better, so you can meet your training goals together, as partners.

How We Can Help

Ethical and Effective Dog Training that’s Better For Both of You

Dog Behavior Coaching

If your dog barks and lunges at strangers, guards resources, or is generally fearful, we can help with our behavior coaching program.

Online Dog Training Classes

Join our virtual group classes to learn how to communicate with your dog better while learning with other dog guardians who are experiencing the same issues.

Dog Training Membership

If you’re a dog guardian looking for long term support and learning, our Better Living with Dogs membership is a great option!

Why work with a

Virtual Dog Trainer?

Take Location out of the Equation

Not every pet parent is in the vicinity of a qualified professional dog trainer. Being virtual allows you access to someone who can actually, ethically and effectively help you!

More Effective

Dogs and humans learn best when they feel comfortable. Online dog training allows you and your dog to begin your behavior modification journey from the comfort of your home and sets you up for success.

More Realistic

Virtual training allows dog trainers to get a realistic window into your life with your dog. We’re able to observe your dog’s behavior under regular conditions, which provides more accurate information.

Easier to Integrate

Real change comes from your ability to maintain your dog’s training. With virtual training, you’re honing your abilities from day one and getting hands-on practice that you can continue with seamlessly.

More Support

Online training opens up the ability for us to support you whenever you need it – not just for one hour per week like in-home dog training and group classes at dog training facilities!


Hello! I’m Jill Hassevoort. My philosophy as a positive reinforcement dog trainer is rooted in the fact that the most effective way to train your dog is with kindness, compassion, and respect. My approach uses reward based training to reinforce behaviors my human clients want to see repeated in their canine partners, while never using aversive tools or punishment.

I firmly believe that dogs are not broken and their behavior doesn’t need to be fixed. Rather, we need to approach the behavior change process with empathy and employ holistic, evidence-based practices that prioritize the welfare and experience of the canine learner, as well as the human. So much joy can come from the human-canine bond. Training should never detract from that, and only enhance it.

I feel like we got more out of even one training session with Jill than we did in all 6 group training sessions at a local facility…This investment in Jill’s training has paid dividends – you won’t regret it!

Rachel & Parker

On a human level, Jill is patient, energetic and tailors her training to your style and your pup’s level. She loved watching Auggie succeed just as much as we did! I can’t wait to continue training with her – truly a gem!

Sarah, Austin & Auggie

Not only has Jill helped us improve behaviors, she has helped us strengthen the relationship between us and our furry companion, which has certainly made for a happier pup.

Arlena & Bilbo

Ready for Better Training for Your Dog?