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Better Living With Dogs Membership

a community for dedicated dog guardians committed to lifelong learning with their dogs

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your dog’s big behavior concerns? Misunderstood by those who can’t relate?
Worried that you’re not on the right track?


You don’t have to struggle alone.

Tackle one thing at a time. We’ll do it together!

Break it down. Learn in easy, manageable pieces.

Get your questions answered. There’s no topic off limits. 

Share all your wins! We never get tired of hearing stories about your dog. 

Stay motivated and encouraged. Make progress toward your goals.

What Members are Saying

“Better Living with Dogs helps me to focus on one core skill a month. That helps me feel less overwhelmed because I have a never ending list of various skills that I want to train my dog.”

Easily the most engaging and supportive training community I’ve ever been a part of. The sessions are well-thought out, and I really feel like I’m making progress with my dog through training and bonding.

I find the activities breaking down the skill into manageable pieces to be so incredibly helpful. Starting at a baseline and slowly working up the level of difficulty had made me more confident in working on things.”

“The life skills topics are great and usually topics you don’t get from basic obedience classes.

"This community has been so positive and refreshing to be a part of, especially with how negative dog training circles can get! What a breath of fresh air to be training my dog at our own pace, surrounded by like-minded and supportive people. Our training sessions, and life as a whole, have felt so much more FUN since we joined this community!" - Erin and Tobey

How it works:

    Twice monthly live sessions

    Learn new skills, dive into dog behavior concepts, and get your questions answered

    Supportive community

    Share ideas and celebrate wins with like-minded dog guardians in a private discussion board

    Engaging training plans

    Take the stress out of knowing what to work on next with quick and easy training that works.

    Resouce library and more

    Review how-tos and demos for any skill you need to train, plus community challenges, bonus sessions, discounts, and more!

    Member Spotlight

    What’s your favorite thing about your dogs?

    “My favorite thing about both my dogs is how they encourage us to spend more time outside and when they show their silly sides!” 

    What’s your favorite thing about the membership?

    “I really enjoy the accessible exercises that you can work on at your own pace and the wonderful community of Jill, other members, and their dogs.”

    What are some things you’ve gotten out of the membership?

    “We’ve improved Lexi’s comfort level with ear cleaning. We’ve also improved Nala’s experience with nail trimmings. I also loved the focus we had on enrichment one month as I was able to learn some new ideas of things to try with our dogs. Meeting so many other wonderful dog guardians and hearing their experiences with their dogs is also huge. I feel like I have a community I can turn to when I have questions or when I want to celebrate something that’s going well with my dogs!”

    What’s something you would want someone who’s considering Better Living with Dogs to know?

    “It’s a really wonderful group of people. Jill provides really accessible and easy-to-follow exercises on topics that members want to focus on. Jill creates a welcoming environment where you feel comfortable asking questions and engaging in virtual sessions. I highly recommend joining the Better Living with Dogs community!”

    What Makes Better Living with Dogs Unique?

    Work on training at your own pace.

    Take the guesswork out of the training process.

    Learn with easy, step-by-step guides.

    Get ongoing access to a behavior expert you can trust.

    See more progress more quickly.

    Feel less alone in your journey.

    Stay motivated.

    Suggest topics and skills you want to see.

    Three Steps to Better Living with Dogs

    1. Learn

    an even deeper understanding of your dog’s behavior and how training works

    2. engage

    with a community of members who can relate to your challenges

    3. Enjoy

    a better life with your canine companion!

    Details and FAQ


    Better Living with Dogs membership is only $50/month or $140/3 months. 

    There is no minimim monthly commitment. 

    Fees are subject to increase, but yours are locked in as long as your membership stays active. 


    Regular live sessions are every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm Eastern Time.

    Convert to your time zone.

    We have members from all hemispheres! Sessions are recorded.

    What is Better Living with Dogs?

    Better Living with Dogs is an online membership program for dog guardians. Members enjoy guided training exercises on one focus topic per month, learning alongside other like-minded dog guardians led by professional dog trainer and behavior consultant Jill Hassevoort, KPA CTP, FFCP.

    How does Better Living with Dogs work?

    We focus on one topic each month. We meet live twice per month, on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Live sessions are at 6:30pm Eastern Time. There are corresponding training exercises that go along with the month's topic released every Friday. You have as much time to go over the materials as you need - there are no deadlines or due dates! Learn at your own pace.

    Who is Better Living with Dogs for?

    Better Living with Dogs is for dog guardians who are committed to learning how to apply positive reinforcement-based training ideas to their lives with their dogs. It's also for those who are looking for a supportive community to motivate and encourage them along the way.

    How much does Better Living with Dogs cost?

    A Better Living with Dogs subscription is $50/month or $140/3 months.

    Will my fee ever increase?

    Memebership fees are subject to increase, but yours won't change as long as your membership stays active!

    Can I pay monthly?

    Your subscription will renew autoamtically every 1 or 3 months, depending on which plan you select.

    Can I cancel my membership?

    There is no minimum monthly commitment. Cancel your membership anytime in your account settings. You will lose access to membership content at the end of your last billing cycle.

    What's covered or taught in Better Living with Dogs?

    We focus on one member-selected topic each month. Topics include things like loose leash walking, recall, relaxation training, enrichment, reactivity survival skills, cooperative care, and more!

    What if I can't make the live sessions?

    Sessions are recorded and available in audio and video format.

    What if I can't keep up with the program?

    There are no deadlines or due dates! One of the best things about the membership is that you are able to work at your own pace and easily pick up where you last left off.

    Will I have access to the resources if I cancel my subscription?

    No. Resources are only avaialble to active members.

    What if I have multiple dogs? Or if my partner also wants to attend?

    Everyone in your household, human and canine, is welcome to join with one membership!

    Who is behind the Better Living with Dogs membership?

    Better Living with Dogs is run and facilitated by Jill Hassevoort KPA CTP, FFCP.

    What type of training do you do in Better Living with Dogs?

    All training in Better Living with Dogs uses postitive reinforcement-based, force free training techniques.

    Does it matter where I live?

    The Better Living with Dogs membership is all online and we have members from all over the world!