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Cooperative Care

build a collaborative relationship between you and your dog to make grooming and care tasks a breeze

Are nail trims, baths, and grooming a struggle?

Does the idea of giving your dog the physical care that they need fill both of you with stress and anxiety?

It doesn’t have to be like this forever.

Tackle grooming challenges and transform these tasks into positive experiences that will strengthen your relationship with your dog. Learn practical techniques to ease the process and build trust between you and your canine companion. Say goodbye to stress and enroll now for a happier, more cooperative grooming routine!



Cooperative Care Group Class

Class meets for four consecutive weeks. Next session begins on Thursday, June 6th at 5:00pm Eastern Time.

Class size is limited to 6 students. One sliding scale and one free spot for BIPOC participant available.
Use the contact us page for more information on these options.

CURRENT CLASS HAS FILLED. Click here to join the waitlist for the next session.


This course provides in-depth information to help with making significant progress on cooperative training goals, in nice bite-size segments.

In every segment of the course I found valuable nuggets of information that helped tricky skills click into place. I love that both my dogs were deeply enthusiastic to have their turn practicing our cooperative goals each week.”

Lily Timpane

What You'll Learn

  • What cooperative care is and the goals of cooperative care
  • How to use start button behaviors to make training more collaborative
  • How to break down your training goals into achievable steps so that you can make faster progress
  • How to troubleshoot where you’ve gotten stuck in the past

What Our Program Includes

    • 5-week expert online curriculum
    • Flipped classroom model 
    • Online class discussion forum 
    • 4 live virtual class sessions
    • Live individual coaching during each session
    • 2 video submissions for feedback



    course only


    course + private coaching session
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    “Jill’s Cooperative Care course helped me gain a better understanding of the entire cooperative care concept and helped me breakdown what steps I needed to take with my dog to move toward our end goal of at-home nail trimming.

    I developed skills that I plan to implement in our daily training and to use working on other husbandry tasks. I feel that I learned to better read my dog’s body language and he has gotten more excited about training!

    Bethany Sheldon

    This course has given me a thorough understanding of the the theory behind cooperative care in addition to the practical skills needed to implement it with my dog. Jill is a great teacher who breaks down concepts into easy to understand steps and her feedback in live sessions helps you to make progress in between sessions.


    “Taking the cooperative care course with Jack and Jill Dog Training has greatly improved my relationship with my dog. Prior to the course, I had little understanding of the basic concepts of cooperative care training but after going through the detailed coursework and practice I have established a good foundation for cooperative care work with my dog. I know now how to set appropriate training expectations and gauge my dogs comfort level to steadily progress in our training.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is cooperative care?

    Cooperative care is an approach to working with our dogs on things like nail trims, bathing, brushing, and more care tasks. The goal of cooperative care is to minimize stress for our dogs and make the procedures more comfortable and enjoyable for both the human and dog.

    How does the cooperative care program work?

    Our cooperative care class is a 4-week online course. We meet for four weeks in weekly live group sessions. In between those sessions, you’ll have a curriculum of online resources and a class discussion forum for help you continue to practice with your dog, which you will also have access to for 6 months following the class. We follow what’s called a flipped classroom model. This means that you’ll have about 30 minutes of prework to do before each class meeting. This allows us to spend more time training and giving live feedback during our group meetings.

    Is this program for me?

    The cooperative care course is designed for guardians at any point in their cooperative care journey. Whether you are brand new to the topic or you’ve been working on it for months, we meet you where you’re at and help you make progress to the next step.

    What is the time commitment for this class?

    Students should expect to spend 30-45 minutes reviewing the prework BEFORE each live class session. Class sessions are 75 minutes long. Students also spend an average of 30 minutes working with their dog between sessions – this is not a requirement but will help you make more progress during the course.  

    How do I sign up

    Check above on this page to see dates for the next session of Cooperative Care. While you’re there, you can also join the waitlist to be notified next time the course runs. Class size is limited and sessions fill up quickly.

    What is a flipped classroom model?

    This course follows a flipped classroom model. This means that you’ll review the lecture and learning materials prior to coming to class. This leaves more time in class for the fun part – training! It also allows you to learn at your own pace and repeat sections as needed. Prework is given in video and written formats. Previous students have said that the prework takes 30 minutes or less.

    How Cooperative Care Works

    1. prepare

    Secure your spot and immediately dive into learning with our online orientation.

    2. Learn

    Develop new strategies and skills through weekly group meetings and online curriculum.

    3. Enjoy

    Better communication, a stronger relationship, and more stress-free care with your four-legged best friend!

    Are You Ready for Better Handling with Your Dog?